Welp, I suppose it’s about time that I made an actual blog on my actual domain. Whee!

I made a list of projects I wanted to do in the future - kinda like my personal project collection. When I actually compiled the list, though, it started to become a bit unrealistic.

  • uitest - UI testing via VNC connection
  • gomq - MineQuest, written in Go
  • kahinah - OpenMandriva’s QA Bot, which needs a rewrite (codenamed v4)
  • aye - a DO API client in Go (like tugboat)
  • gnome 3.12 updates for OpenMandriva, which are like half-finished now
  • duplex - message queue RPC but also streaming i/o and peering
  • a new live cd tool for OpenMandriva Lx (because livecd-creator is bleh)
  • zypper instead of urpmi for OpenMandriva Lx (which means I have to PR zypper with support for hdlists)
  • trying my hand at writing an automated RPM build system

It’s a lot. In reality, I’m only maintaining kahinah and duplex, and then splitting my time between gnome 3.12 updates and uitest. The next to come would probably be aye, zypper, or gomq

In a way, I feel like I’m the naughty child with my hand in the cookie jar trying to figure out which cookie to grab before mother comes back (read: life takes over everything again).

Eh. We’ll see, I guess.

Code snippet of today

I finally got duplex as a shared library working, but that’s under a separate branch for now because I want to make sure it’s perfect. So, I’m writing Python2 bindings!

from ctypes import *
dpx = CDLL('libdpx.so')

print dpx

^ That finally works. Thank god.