One of my more boring months. Other than the following, I’ve just been listening to BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Captial FM London, FRESH 102.7, or HOT 99.5…

  • The Script - a still amazing band, with their song “Man on a Wire”.

  • BoA - because I can’t have a normal playlist without some J-Pop or K-Pop - although, the K-Pop is relatively recent, and I still prefer J-Pop.

  • OneRepublic - I can’t believe I didn’t know what “I Lived” was until now, even though it’s been playing literally everywhere.

  • David Guetta - From his album Listen (Deluxe), which I haven’t heard really played on any radio station at all recently. But “Dangerous” and “What I Did For Love” are really nice songs, even though “What I Did For Love” was “very gospel’y”, according to my friend (I like it, though!).

  • Sia - “Elastic Heart” and “Bang My Head” are two amazing songs - sure, it’s a bit hard to understand her through her Australia accent, but you can’t deny that her voice is amazing. And then when you realise that she doesn’t show her face at any performance and that it’s all her voice, it just makes it all the more remarkable at her success. You can truly appreciate it.

So yeah. Boring tracks. Recommendations? Let me know below!