That was quick.

What have I been up to? Things I’ve done lately include:

  • studying for CSE 320, which is System Architecture. I feel like I’m slow on the uptake with this class, whatnot with muxes and ALUs…

  • working on CSE 306, which is implementing a simple grep without libc. So just Linux system calls. Not bad, just time consuming. Also I gave up trying to make descriptive errors and just dumped errno.h into a switch statement.

  • I should probably do the Ethics project.

  • Beat Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatosk, and started Tales of the Abyss, then realised that I actually have homework to do.

  • Had an Amazon interview. This was my first real interview in a LONG time, and I’m not so certain I ace’d it. It was an experience, but it took my brain way too long to warm up and I think that cost me. I think I missed a Big-O notation and I definitely forgot about Kruskal’s algorithm. Shit.

  • Went to Boston for ECAASU 2015! Here’s a tip: don’t drive in Boston. The roads make no sense whatsoever (they’re like downtown Manhattan), and the random forks and roundabouts hurt my head.

There’s more happening soon, but I gotta survive until at least Spring Break…