My website was just cloudflare’d today.

In a nutshell, this means that I’ve switched nameservers (again), from DigitalOcean to CloudFlare. The main reason for that is because of CloudFlare’s free https support, which I use in tandem with Github Pages.

(Yes, no https on severely irked me.)

Additionally, I’ve been experimenting with new mail hosting lately, so I’ve been switching mail providers like… every other week. Still self hosting in the end, but I just wanted to remark on a few things:

  • Zentyal: I really really really really really really wanted to like you like Carly Rae Jepsen’s new obsession. But I couldn’t. You have a strange number of problems, your general configuration screen doesn’t work (“missing parameter: id”???), and it was an overall mess. But your ability to mimic Exchange and also put together Mail, Contacts, and Calendar all in one with OpenChange and SoGo was really appealing. Unfortunately, errors aren’t.

  • I mentioned that I wanted to use CloudFlare, right? Mail-in-a-Box is really insistent that you use its internal DNS, and if you don’t, add 100000000 DNS records to CloudFlare instead. That’s not really an issue, but then bind9 refused to resolve any DNS requests, and I gave up there.

  • yunohost: I really wish I had a picture of that meme right now. But this is what I’m currently using now, after three weeks (Mail-in-a-Box is actually still up on my other VPS, but that’s going down as soon as DNS propagates).

It’s… nice to have a tiled welcome screen and something that seems to Just Work ™ after so long. Although, I have to admit, Dovecot ran out of epoll handlers and that left me stumped, but a reboot solved that.

I should go study for CSE 320 now.