It’s weird to think that only a few semesters ago, I was starting university. But as I went into my advisor last week and sat down and went over my coursework and transcript, I noticed that I didn’t know how many more classes I needed.

So we both sat down and analysed what I had left to take, and what I was planning to take. And we both came to the conclusion that I would be graduating one year early.

Most people can only dream of doing this, and especially in Computer Science, courses are rigirous enough to discourage people from taking too many classes at one time, lest they be burnt grade-wise. (stares at cse320)

But for some reason, it worked out that I had 36 credits left to take - or 12 classes. I’ve been doing 5 classes per semester, not wanting to stress myself out, but it looks like with 12 classes left, that’s about 2 semesters or 3 semesters, depending on how it’s partitioned. (There is an option to do 6-5-1, where the last credit is taken in the summer session and I graduate officially in August, even though I go to the May ceremony, but I’m opting to do the last credit before, so it’s 1-6-5.)

And especially since I’m out of state, an additional semester isn’t really worth it only for 4 classes money-wise.

I have a couple of options ahead of me. I guess I should start putting 2016 instead of 2017 in my graduation date for job applications, and I guess I should look and see what I have in store for myself. Like, I want to get a degree for a MBA in the near future, so maybe I could work on the MBA and graduate in 2017, but it’s still all up in the air.

So many choices. So many decisions. I’m scared I’ll make the wrong one.

I should update my resume. I lost my resume document, except I still have the PDF, so I guess I have to recreate it… again.