If you’re wondering why all the posts have suddenly appeared, the answer is that I’ve finally achieved peak boredom level that I need to write on my blog again.

That was quick. I just flew in from Seattle today.

So if it wasn’t obvious from the description, I just finished an internship this past week. I already find myself wishing I could be back at my internship with Amazon - it was amazing!

I worked with Fulfillment by Amazon on Global Selling - and what an experience! It gave me the insight into how to interact with business and develop solutions that make sense, are maintainable, and can provide long term reliability. I got a lot of good advice and criticism, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to work there again - I’d love to. (But I’m doing a MBA programme that will take next year’s summer away from me… ARGH. HARD CHOICES)

Seattle itself was wonderful. I think the key thing here is that it’s not hot as hell the majority of the time, it’s a relaxing place, and it’s not humid.

Not humid.

Do you realise how strange that is, coming from the east coast? It’s mind-boggling. This past week was around the mid-60s and lower-70s - what great weather!

Aside from that, the general environment is great, the traffic is loads better than the east coast (I-5 is bad? Hah. Haven’t seen I-95, huh?), and it’s such a nice place to be.

I had a bunch of cool roomies too, which made it even better. Made a lot of cool friends – wonder if we’ll be able to keep in touch. It’d definitely be fun!

Overall, completely worth the experience. 1010 would do again, but 510 maybe shouldn’t use ABODA. I think I might want to rent next time I go there. (But then again, all the interns were in one place…)

tl;dr A+ would do again