It’s a bit eerie to learn that I last updated this two years ago.

In a way, I shouldn’t have been surprised; 2016 was a hectic year for me, whether it was making sure that I passed my classes outstandingly (and mostly succeeded), or looking at jobs (spoiler - I just passed my one year mark at Amazon, excluding my internship), apartment hunting, time with friends, Overwatch coming out, and just general travelling… despite the fact that my blog was always on my laptop I didn’t have the motivation to pull it out and update it.

But here we are, and I’ve finally sat down and updated this blog properly. Kind of. Moving it to will certainly help me update it more.

So what’s changed with me? Nothing much. Survived junior/senior year of university (where junior/senior year is literally 1 year instead of 2 because credits), graduated, got a job, did nothing much else but play Overwatch for the rest of 2016, got sick, got better, went to PAX East for the first time, and… here we are.

In other words, nothing’s changed. But I suppose that’s good.

For example: it’s weird that on this first anniversary of my job, it still feels like Day 1. But then I realise - that’s probably a good thing. I’m still challenging myself to do more and being creative.

So what’s in the future? Who knows. Old projects I can dig up, maybe. Or more rewrites (shudders violently).