Hey, I’m Robert.

I’m a student, programmer, musician, and an avid newsreader. It’s a strange combination, but it seems to all pull together in ways that surprise even myself.

My website is just a small view into the random thoughts that flow across my mind. I blog (when I remember to) about things from student life, to programming in C, Go, and Java, some of the music I’ve liked lately (which also changes wildly), and sometimes my thoughts on the latest news.

You can find links to my Github and Twitter at the bottom of this page, as well as my email.

Student Life

Not much to say here. I’m a student. I can be incredibly busy (or incredibly lazy - they’re two sides of the same coin, right?). And clearly I’m expected to be studying as hard as I can, without any free time, and apply to the 1,000+ internships that are there so I can achieve success. /s

I do study quite a bit, but I do try to take the time to relax a bit. And so you’ll probably find me on IRC or some other social medium.

Of course, those unfinished internship applications…


I’m one of the few people who codes in C - and possibly enjoys it. Does that make me a masochist? One of my previous mentors thought so.

Besides C, the majority of my coding goes towards making small utilities to make my life easier, and coding in Go(lang). Go is an amazing language that I have grown to love, and compromises a good portion of my projects nowadays. At DigitalOcean and Glider Labs, I worked on many projects in Go.

Then there’s Java. Java is the language which I have used most in the academic world… because it’s still on the curriculum. But I find it incredibly useful as a learning language.

I’ve dabbled in Ruby and Rust. I feel that I’m not good enough to call myself competent by any means, but some people have challenged me on that.


I play the Violin (and used to play the Piano), though I have to admit that lately I’ve not been practicing any instrument. It’s a shortage of time, but I want to come back to it sometime and hopefully not have forgotten like 10 years of skills.

Someone asked me if I’ve ever done music via something like FL Studio. My answer to that lies in my grade in Computer Music, which ended up in a B-. (My last homework was done on a bus from New York to Washington, DC - you can imagine the headache I was dealing with and the resulting piece of shite).

I listen to music. Things like Google Play All Access and Spotify Premium are godsends to me. Additionally, I do buy albums of artists that I really really love. It feels a bit more… personal, you know?

The type of music definitely changes. It can sway from dubstep to trance to pop to rock to heavy metal to trance again.


If anyone walks in when I’m having a bit of spare time, they’ll be treated to a bizarre sight of me watching something like BBC News or Sky News. I enjoy keeping up with the news, and while a lot of it does not have that much of an impact on my daily life (unless I’m watching something like NBC4), I find it… interesting.