Hey, I’m Robert.

Supposedly an about page is supposed to be a window into a person’s world. Well, that’s a horrifying thought, so let’s make sure never to go down there.

Instead, let me tell you about myself. New Yorker for the first half of my childhood; Marylander for the second half. Graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Stony Brook University (2013-2016!), and now I’m a software engineer at Amazon. Previous to Amazon I was a software engineering intern at Amazon and DigitalOcean and a QA engineering intern at Blackboard.

What’s the purpose of this website? It’s mainly a collection of random thoughts I might have at the time, from stuff about what it was like being a student, to programming quirks or things I found interesting (or lame - or both), to just… general stuff, really.

There used to be more on this about page, but it became mildly irrelevant as it was two years out of date. It’s been succinctly summarized above.

Though if you walk in on me programming and see me coding with a news stream in the background, please don’t be surprised.