Hey there! I’m Robert, a full-stack software engineer at Amazon, as part of Shopbop/East Dane.

I'm passionate about activities or topics like:
  • Open Source (of all kinds! and also language design, system internals, etc...)
  • Music (listening to basically everything does not mean I enjoyed all of it)
  • Video Games (current obsession: Overwatch)
  • Hiking (only in the PNW, so that I don't die from the heat)
  • Travelling (there are so many places I want to not only go, but also revisit)
  • News Presentation (scrutinizes news graphic designs and sounds)
  • ...and more!

You can see what I've blogged about recently in Categories. Mind the dust; there's some old stuff.

Want to get in touch? You can contact me via any methods listed at the footer or at the top right. Keybase? Available here.

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